Giving birth should be safe for all women

In many places around the world, women and babies are dying unnecessarily from complications during childbirth because health care providers are not properly trained in maternal and reproductive health care.

The Global Action in Nursing (GAIN) project aims to reduce preventable maternal and infant death during childbirth by providing clinical and leadership training to nurse-midwives in high-risk communities.

The GAIN project partners with communities to equip nurses with the expertise and skills they need to save lives through:

  • Intensive leadership and clinical skills training, including implementation of the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist.
  • Comprehensive curriculum including clinical training in safe childbirth, compassionate and human rights-based healthcare provision, and how to design and conduct a quality improvement project.
  • Year-long bedside mentoring from expert nurse midwives.
  • A UCSF support team to collect data on maternal and infant complications and deaths to ensure the project is making a difference.
  • The development of local expert nurse midwife mentors to sustain the program.